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Buy To FGW

You can get FGW Token from Pancakeswap site. For this, you can write this contract address 0x8DCCB6C436B32610f5a1a3a576A8a9A6b62bAab0 on the trade page. Remember, you can transfer these tokens to your wallets and play games through the application and earn 300%.

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Simple, Fun and Profitable.

We wanted to design a platform where everyone can have fun and also win while playing. We could have made complex strategic games, but we got tired of such games. We already play brain teasers that people of all ages, who have smart phones, would love to play, so why not earn while playing a game?

We will make the platform more fun and more functional by constantly releasing new games. There are many games available on our list, but we won't be releasing them all at once because we try to keep the fun and profits going.


How it works




Download the game app from play store/app store.


Register to the game app


Connect your wallet. FGW token deposit is deposited into the system according to the desired earnings level. This is only a deposit any time you want you can get it back.

Let's start.

Enjoy winning while playing games



Ayhan Karakuyu


Abdullah Genç


Okan Ecer


Ayşegül Karakuyu

Corporate Communications

İlhami Cırdı


Esra Altınay



300.000.000.000 lineer unlucked 12 month Lineer unlucked 6 month Lineer unlocked 12 month Lineer unlocked 6 month unlucked 3 month locked


Buy/Sell Fee: %3

%3 is for rewards pool. Our aim is to make you earn money.
The comission we demand goes to directly to the reward pool and the
infinite loop of the pool is not broken. In that way we block bot traders so the tokens don't loose value.

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Game Rules

1. FGW token must be available to play.
2. Register on the games app.
3. Connect your wallet.
4. FGW token deposit is deposited into the system according to the desired earnings level.
5. FGW tokens earned in the game are claimed after being locked for 30 days.
6. If the deposit is withdrawn, the unclaimed tokens will be burned.
7. The game cannot be played if the deposit is withdrawn.
8. The user can reconnect to the game during the day and continue from where they left off.
9. At the end of the day 03.00 utc , the game is reset and starts again from the first level.

Road Map


✓ Smart Contract build

  ✓ Token Launch

✓ Web site and Social Media Launch

✓ KYC and Audit

✓ White Paper

 ✓ BSCScan info update

✓ Launch game

✓ Airdrop

✓ Presale on Unicrypt

    2.000 Holders

Q3 – 2022

Listing on CoinMarketCap/CoinGecko

10.000 holders

Create an NFT Collection for gift to holders

Expand Developer team

New Games Update

Influencers Marketing

Q4 – 2022

New Games Update

Nft Market Open

40.000 holders